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“Flood Solutions is a phenomenal company. We have used them twice now for issues in our home and they have done great work. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of mold remediation.” – Brandon M.

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24/7 Mold Services in Fallbrook CA

Mold Damage Specialist Fallbrook CA

Flood Solutions is a certified mold remediation company offering service in Fallbrook California. Our technicians are highly trained, certified and experienced to provide mold removal and remediation in your home or business, so you can trust that the job will be done right. Flood Solutions is an IICRC certified firm, which means we adhere to the highest industry standards. We provide the best mold remediation throughout the southern California area.

Mold Damage: What You Need to Know

Mold emits an earthy/musty smell so if you smell it, it’s safe to assume you have it. Look for visible signs of mold which will appear as black or white clusters/specs or discoloration on walls or ceilings. If you spot mold on the outside of walls or ceilings the inside should be a cause of concern.

Mold Remediation Company Fallbrook CA

Black mold is a dangerous type of mold that can have serious effects on human health, particularly for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, newborns, and young children, people with respiratory issues and those with a compromised immune system. Exposure to black mold can cause allergic reactions, respiratory issues and flu-like symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, red watery eyes, skin irritation, sneezing, runny nose, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, headache, aches, and pains. Pets are also at risk from black mold exposure. At Flood Solutions, Inc., we understand the urgency of black mold removal and have the equipment and expertise to perform black mold remediation in Fallbrook. Trust us to safely and effectively remove black mold from your home and ensure that your family and pets can breathe easy.

Please do not underestimate the severity of the mold in your structure and the degree of difficulty involved in the mold cleaning process. Proper mold remediation has to be done carefully and correctly to eliminate the spread of mold spores to other rooms. Mold removal is not a “DIY” job. Mold removal requires specialized chemicals, equipment, and training. Treating mold with household chemicals such as bleach can cause the mold to spread and create more costly issues in your home.

Mold Cleanup Procedures

The process of handling a mold issue typically consists of containment, cleaning, and removal of contaminated materials.

Mold Cleanup Fallbrook CA

Our team of certified professionals is equipped to remove and treat mold in all its forms, from carpets and drywall to upholstery and furniture. We use specialized techniques and equipment to remove mold and prevent its return, taking into consideration the type of mold present and the materials affected. Our inspection and cleanup process is tailored to your specific situation to ensure that all mold is removed and that your property is safe and mold-free. Don’t let mold take over your home, contact us to schedule a mold inspection and remediation in Fallbrook today.

Our first step in mold mitigation in Fallbrook is thorough detection and assessment of the affected areas. Once that is complete, we begin the mold removal process using advanced technology such as soda blasting. This method uses compressed air to propel baking soda particles onto the affected area, effectively removing mold growth and spores. Baking soda is a natural substance that neutralizes both acids and bases and eliminates odors, making it a safe and environmentally friendly choice for mold treatment. Its soft nature also allows for quick mold removal while causing minimal impact on wood surfaces. Trust us to provide a safe and effective solution for all your mold mitigation needs in Fallbrook.

Non-porous hard surfaces such as plastics or metals can usually be wet vacuumed, damp wiped, and HEPA vacuumed. Wood surfaces are usually wet vacuumed, damp wiped, and HEPA vacuumed. Porous materials such as drywall, carpets, and upholstery are typically vacuumed and discarded.  Depending on the extent of mold contamination, wood surfaces might also be removed and discarded. Air ducts are treated especially carefully as they can push spores into different rooms.

Crawlspace Mold Damage Cleanup and Removal

Black Mold Removal Fallbrook CA

One of the most common places for mold to grow is in crawlspaces. crawlspaces are the perfect breeding ground for mold as they are generally dark and damp places under your home. Also with almost zero foot traffic, the mold can go unnoticed for long periods of time. We handle crawlspace mold remediation in Fallbrook CA. If you’ve come across mold in your crawlspace, contact us for crawlspace mold removal before the mold spreads further.

Here are the Dos and Don’ts of Mold Damage Cleanup

DO keep children and pets away from the compromised area. Children and pets are highly susceptible to contracting mold-related illnesses. The elderly are also at risk due to the possibility of a weak immune system.

DO quarantine the area if possible. Put up containment with plastic sheeting to limit the spread of spores.

DO turn off the HVAC system to that area. By turning off the HVAC system that controls that area you are eliminating the chances of mold spores infesting your system and being dispersed throughout the home.

DO have our professional Houston mold company show where all the areas are that contain mold spores to ensure that the problem is handled completely. Mold in your attic or crawlspace can be especially tricky to detect and remove, so Houston mold damage contractors are important in accomplishing complete attic cleanup and removal.

DO bring in an experienced and trained technician to make sure you and everyone in your home or business remain safe. Do a search online for “mold companies near me” and call a professional Fallbrook mold damage company to get a complete evaluation of your situation and a quick remediation solution to your problem.

DON’T try to kill it. Dead spores are just as harmful as living spores. If you agitate the mold it will cause a spread of its particles on both the surface and in the air.

DON’T clean it with harsh chemicals. Cleaning the mold with an unnatural chemical, such as bleach, can cause the mold to actually stimulate more growth. Yes, your cleaner may take care of the situation momentarily but cleaning with such a harsh chemical can have a negative effect. It’s best to use all-natural ingredients to treat and maintain this situation.

DON’T paint or varnish over the mold and assume it’s eliminated. There is still a reservoir of potentially damaging spores inside the structure, and paint will quickly peel to reveal the damage again.

DON’T place fans on the damaged area. Aiming a fan on the affected area will only cause it to break apart and disperse mold spores into the air. When you blow air onto mold it will disperse tiny harmful spores into the air, quickly and negatively affecting the air quality.

DON’T Start any cleanup before having the proper mold assessment completed. You don’t want to end up spending more money on mold remediation than required.

The #1 Fallbrook CA Mold Removal Company

Our priority is using all of our available mold services to get the affected mold in house cleared and cleaned up as fast as possible to prevent further damage. What allows us to help and restore a home or office comes from our experienced mold specialists and the high-quality equipment that we use. Your search for mold companies near you is over!

We offer mold removal services to homes, office, and industrial complexes. Whether you have a small area in need of mold repairs or total black mold remediation, we have the tools and experience required to handle all mold in Fallbrook CA, big or small.

The look for mold companies near you is over, choose Flood Solutions for your mold damage cleanup and removal. If you are faced with a mold issue in your home or business contact Flood Solutions today and let our mold experts handle your mold problem.

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