Check for Mold Before Buying a House

Buying a new home? Have it tested for mold

Buying a New Home?

For many of us we dream about the day when we will have a home to call our own.
When looking for a new home, many veteran home owners are quick to give advice to make this stressful time easier to bear. You’ll hear all types of questions to ask your realtor, but one issue that is often overlooked is mold. We’ve got the questions to ask and measures to take to protect you from a potential disaster in the future.

First, it’s important to understand that mold is more than just an eyesore. Mold can lead to serious health risks and can exacerbate symptoms of other chronic conditions like asthma. The good news is, that you have already made the first step in avoiding mold in your new home. Mold is serious, but should you follow our advice you’ll be enjoying that new home without any worries about what could be lurking behind those walls.

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If your reading this your first step is already done, to be knowledgeable about what can go wrong in a home so you can know what to look for. Mold caused by water from slab leaks, faulty appliances, and roofs are common among new homes. Fear not, by being aware of these issues, you can be more vigilant in your observations during open houses or visiting listings with your realtor.

When you are with your realtor ask questions, it is against the law in California for realtors/home sellers to withhold information about a home and more specifically about water related damages or mold. It’s OK to ask “has there ever been a mold issue in this home?”

After having seen homes and wanting to know more about some of your options specifically, it is imperative that you use a certified home inspector. Depending on the severity of the mold problem (if there is one) this should help inform your decision. Just because a home has mold doesn’t necessarily mean that you should immediately stop being interested in your home. Mold remediation and mold removal are some of Flood Solutions specialties.

What if I am afraid there might be mold, but I have found my dream home?

This is a tough situation to find yourself in. You have found your dream home, but now fear that you it may have mold. We recommend listening to the advice of your realtor, home inspector and anyone else who may have had a direct hand in your decision to buy a home. If the house is too tempting to pass up, try adding a mold-related contingency clause to your offer. This clause should specify your intent to buy, but only on the condition that you are satisfied with the results of mold inspections and mold tests.

Being stressed about a new home shouldn’t be the norm. Flood Solutions Inc. is here to help you with your mold inspection, testing, remediation and removal needs. We would be happy to assist you at whatever stage of the home buying/selling phase you may be in. Call us or visit our site today. Call us today for a Free quote, 760-532-3266.

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