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icon_floodFlood Solutions, Inc. provides 24-hour, 365 days-a-year emergency water damage services in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Rancho Santa Fe, and San Marcos, CA. We use state-of-the-art equipment and our highly trained and certified team is ready to respond to any size water damage or water extraction job. Flood Solutions is here in your time of need and we take pride in our level of service and in our quality of work. Flood Solutions is an IICRC certified firm, which means we adhere to the highest industry standards.

Water damage can happen suddenly or slowly over a period of time. Water damage can come from a number of sources including a leaky roof, faulty appliance, a leaking pipe, fire sprinklers, sewer back up, an overflowing sink/tub or a leaky toilet. No matter the source or the size of the water damage, it should be dealt with as quickly as possible as water damage gets increasingly worse with time. Your home or property is filled with materials that quickly absorb water and in a short period of time become saturated, reducing their structural integrity and causing materials to become spongy, swollen or soft. Immediate response is essential in order to prevent further damage to the contents and structural materials that make up your property.

If the water damage is not mitigated properly it can further damage your property as mold can develop within as little as 24-48 hours. A quick and thorough extraction followed by structural drying is vital.

If you are faced with a flood or water damage emergency in your home or business contact Flood Solutions and let our water damage experts be your solution.

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Water damage is divided into three categories:

Category 1 or “Clean” Water

Poses no immediate threat to humans if consumed but can quickly degrade if left untreated. Example: Burst water pipes or failed supply lines on appliances.

Category 2 or “Gray” Water

Unsanitary water containing some degree of contamination and could cause sickness if consumed. Example: Overflowing water from a washing machine, dishwasher or toilet bowl.

Category 3 or “Black” Water

Highly contaminated water that could cause serious illness or death if consumed. Example: Sewage


The four Classes of water damage are as follows:

Class 1 : Slow Evaporation Rate

Water losses that affect only part of a room or area, or losses with lower permeance/porosity materials (e.g., plywood, particle board, structural wood, VCT, concrete). Little or no wet carpet or cushion is present. Minimum moisture is absorbed by materials, releasing moisture slowly.

Class 2 : Fast Evaporation Rate

Water losses that affect an entire room or carpet and cushion. Water has wicked up walls 12″ – 24”. There is moisture remaining in structural materials (e.g., plywood, particle board, structural wood, concrete).

Class 3 : Fastest Evaporation Rate

Water may have come from overhead. Ceilings, walls, insulation, carpet, cushion and sub-floor in the entire area are saturated.

Class 4 : Specialty Drying Situations

These consist of wet materials with very low permeance/porosity (hardwood, plaster, brick, concrete, stone, crawl space). Typically, there are deep pockets of saturation, which requires very low specific humidity.